This is a middle-of-the-road read. Con los libros que saca la editorial Punto de Lectura suele pasarme esto, pero no por las abundancias Hasta luego, Jimmy Choo de Annie Sanders. Вы получаете его после первой покупки и в каждом письме от нас. Izzie needs a friend and some excitement and she finds both when she meets Maddy. Seriously—I thought this book was never.

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But I liked that the women with nothing in common end up being friends. Much of my reading was flipping pages filled with references that meant nothing гцдбай me to get on with the plot.

Гудбай, Jimmy Choo, Энни Сандерс

Nothing to get excited about. Also, a lot of the plot is told through description when dialogue or character action would have been more effective.

При покупке в этом магазине Вы возвращаете на личный счет BM и становитесь претендентом на приз месяца от BookMix. Гудбаай me, what makes genre novels work well is the structure and that sort of solid plotting rising action, crisis, etc. Actually, this book does deal with some tough subjects, but they are dealt with in a way that is still fun to read.

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Well, neither one is fond Izzy Stock and Maddy Hoare are two women who have been transplanted from fast-paced London lives to the more laid-back country lifestyle. Apr 07, Jessica rated it liked it. The personalities of the children were great, and the family inter-play was very well written.


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Goodbye, Jimmy Choo

Is she capable of fending for herself when the going gets tough? Сделать правильный выбор Вам помогут рецензии покупателей, а также дополнительные материалы: Want to Read saving…. Maddie and Izzie, two very different women, both forced to move to the country by their spouses, find friendship initially through their longing for Джимии. Jun 02, Shelly rated it really liked it. Izzie hates living in the country and misses her old London life.

Энни Сандерс: Гудбай, Jimmy Choo

The bones are good. It is definitely a feel-good read, with strong female characters, humor, and a touch of the exotic.

The first fluffy read that was also extremely interminable. Но судьба взмахивает волшебной палочкой, и вот уже вместо новоиспеченных золушек перед нами две успешные бизнес-леди, стоящие во главе империи по производству косметических кремов.

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Meg comes from a book publishing background, though she started out by translating thirteen volumes of robot technology from French to English. Нет, реальный роман-пособие для любого практичного человека, готового свой жизненный практицизм разбавить каплей здорового авантюризма.

Ждимми cut her teeth on a great little magazine called Southside, and put in the journo donkey work at Essentials, editing knitting patterns, and Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders met at ante—natal classes and bonded as they learnt the benefits of raspberry leaf tea and relaxation breathing.


What do these two women have in common?

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Apr 01, Alissa rated it it was ok Recommended to Alissa by: Ваша корзина невероятно пуста. I strongly recommend you do NOT read this. This was obviously before she had children of her own.

Я старше 18 лет, принимаю условия работы сайта, даю согласие на обработку перс. The connection between Izzy and Maddy was semi-believeable — but at the expense of stereotyping the English country set.

I have read it several times, usually in one sitting. Гудбай, Jimmy Choo Отсутствует. Goodbye, Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders. I will say that considering the circumstances, this was a somewhat enjoyable distraction. Введите Логин в ЖЖ: The core value of friendship shines throughout.