Mavi Otaku Hace un mes. Doyoung has an undercut! Jaehyun and Taeyong Crush: That was my life story. You kept it a secret from him so you could surprise him when he got home. We love each other even today!

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Of course they were the babies of the group.

Yuta and Mark Roommates: But along the way, Lucas and Yuta drifted away from WinWin and I, Lucas because he met his soulmate Jungwoo, Yuta because it was awkward for him to hang out with his boyfriend and best friend at the same time i know, what a wimp.

I hope I requested correctly. Mark So I guess Mark is my best friend and my crush at the same time. Johnny oof does he secretly like my style?

Anyone and Everyone is allowed Mark said and smiled to hide the fact he was slowly getting tired.

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I can only imagine the awkward holiday get togethers WinWin bless him Voyoung Then soon we met two other boys and instead of a duet we were now a quartet with Jaemin and Jeno. He leaves me to his friend whom he can trust, Jaehyun, to take care of me and together with Winwin and Jungwoo, we are roommate. I got Jaehyun for most of the game!! But my best friend is Doyoung, who is also my crush but sadly not in my gang ;-.


I really like the lyrics Do not cut the logo when making gifs or vines. You guess ;- As being the flirt I am, I had many boyfriends like a cute fluffy bunny named doyoung, my first crush Lucas Jaehyun so my childhood next door friend ended up with me Husband: WinWin, Jaehyun, Jungwoo My crush: Look at my lire.

Your Neighbour- Jaehyun also my ultimate bias.

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Jaehyun My children fathers: Jungwoo Father of child: And had 1 boy and 2 lovely daughters. Maybe SM station 3?? But really help me. Mark Nct, Nct Mark A safe haven made for those with a kind heart and kindled spirits.

But the relationship that kept living for the longest? I dated Doyoung for awhile.

Taeyong I even have my first child with TY Husband: And here it comes the real thing!! Bff Lucas Group jaehyun, tasyong, jungwoo Roommates jaemin, kun Crush taeyong First everything ten Boyfriend doyoung Father of children lucas Husband jungwoo.


To the confused people: WinWin and I became really close, and together we moved in with these 2 others called Jaehyun and Jungwoo. Ten and Lucas My Crush: Here are my results- 1.